A Guide To Explore The Wonders Of Derby


When you travel to a new city, the first thing to do when you get there is enjoy all that it has to offer. This city is no different from any other in that it offers many things to see and to do. In this blog, you’ll find a list of the best attractions to do when you’re in Derby.

Darley Park

Darley is a large, almost excessively picturesque park with many streets housed inside of it, making it very popular for walkers, joggers or anyone who loves sitting at the numerous restaurants that border the streets during the day. It’s also an extremely peaceful place to escape, especially on rainy days. But beware at night because not only are there many unsavory characters prowling the streets but even animals as well if you happen to venture past the gates hiding their run-ins with unfortunate people over there now. One of the main attractions in Darley Park is through concerts that take place every summer right near the downtown area which hundreds of people visit each year.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

Derby Museums is an independent trust and organisation run for, and on behalf of, the people of Derby. A museum and arts service are provided, accessible to everyone, and are responsible for the curation of all the artefacts and works of art, and the buildings in which these are held. Their aim as a new organisation is to bring as many of these objects into the public domain as is practically possible and exhibit them in ways that delight and inspire. They also run education and learning programmes, and hold events and exhibitions with the purpose of sharing knowledge and inspiring creativity and making amongst the people of Derby. As well as schools and student learning, they run many events for adults and groups, as well as families. Their collections and the information they hold about them are as unique as their location and history; they are a city continually shaped and driven by creativity and innovation, located in a valley that changed the world. The services they provide are also designed to promote the city: using its rich and important past to inspire its future.

East Midlands Aeropark

If you’re someone who likes to learn about the history of flight, then this next spot is for you! The Aeropark at East Midlands Airport is both an aviation museum and a viewing area where one can study early models which were built without electronic gauges or fuel injection systems. While taking note of the modern airliners, you can either watch them take off or hone in on what makes them different from their predecessors. The west viewing mound provides an ideal place to watch the contemporary fleet, while also enjoying stunning red brick architecture not found anywhere else locally.

Belper Park Local Nature Reserve

If you’re staying in Belper and want something nice and relaxing to do, you should go down to the Belper Nature Reserve! It’s a beautiful slice of countryside with plenty of tracks to go wandering on; this is a very popular spot with dog walkers and anyone else who enjoys a nice stroll in the middle of a bustling town like Belper!! There’s a little stream running through the trees and it’s a great place to watch the wildlife and take pictures of the sunset. If it’s the weekend, you might even see a few pheasants and rabbits hopping around! Don’t forget to bring a camera–it’s a great spot to take some shots!

Here’s a map that leads you from the North area of Belper Park Local Nature Reserve to our unit at Oakwood Landscapes, 87 Saffron Dr, Oakwood, Derby DE21 2SW, UK