3 Days In Derby, Derbyshire

I found the perfect destination for short trips in the United Kingdom.

Last month, I was wondering where could I go to get away from the dull and tiring routine I was in. I read this Jane Austen’s book (Pride and Prejudice), and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful, elaborate descriptions she made of this small city in the UK – Derby. As impressive as the name sounds, this historic city is full of tourist attractions and beautiful sights for anyone who feels like getting lost for a weekend. I decided to share my experience in Derby and let you know what places to visit in West Derby, UK. I hope you find this helpful for planning your own trip here.

Day 1: I visited the Cathedral Quarter

My number one idea was to visit the famous Cathedral Tower. This was recently renovated which made me wonder what it looked like during the night. If you are a fan of Georgian architecture, you will love the tiny streets and perfect houses just as much as I did. The area around the tower is full of shops, restaurants and bars that you can visit at any given moment.
Besides the architecture and the greatness of the tower, I went to see the Guildhall Theatre. It is located in the centre of Derby, and it’s nothing but a blessing. I strongly recommend you to try some speciality recipes around the town. Don’t skip the Bakewell Pudding!

Day 2: I did my shopping at the Victorian Market Hall

While I was speaking at the Guildhall Theatre, I noticed that a traditional building was hiding behind. As I am a curious person, I went to see what it was and I was delighted to find out that the building was the Victorian Market Hall, which was on my tourist attraction list as well.
This market only supports local businesses, which is excellent for the city’s economy and for tourists who want to peek into the daily lives of Derby’s inhabitants. From a wide range of unusual foods to designer clothing or beauty services, this place is a little heaven for tourists. Don’t skip visiting it at any cost. It’s worth mentioning that the Victorian Market Hall is a real architectural beauty, as it has an arched roof that resembles the dome of Royal Albert’s Hall.

Day 3: I took a tour of the medieval village of Mackworth

I visited this settlement that was listed on the Ancient Monuments and Archeological Areas Act, amended in 1979. When I saw the name there, and I saw that it is located near Derby, I instantly decided that I have to see it right away. All tourists should know the greatness of the Mackworth Castle gatehouse, which is impressively well-preserved considering that it dates back to the 18th century. If you are a fan of medieval culture and knowledge as I am, you will be fascinated by all the remains of Mackworth.
I am thrilled that I managed to visit Derby. I am currently planning to come back and visit Pickford’s house, the Darley Park and the Hopton Hall Gardens, which I didn’t manage to see yet.

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