Choosing Your Fence Panels

Posted on: December 26, 2017

In this article you will learn the various kinds of fence panels for fencing projects in Nottingham. You will also learn the factors to consider when selecting specific kinds of fence panels. Fence panels all function basically the same. They define boundaries, they help to reduce noise and they increase security around your home. These are ideally designed to help serve the basic fencing purpose and beautify your home. All of these fence panels can be used in your Nottingham fencing project. Here is more detailed information for you to help you in making your final selection. All the information has come from a landscaping Derby based company.

Waney Edge

The Waney Edge panels are also called overlap panels. These are a perfect selection for the budget conscious fence. They are made from renewable timber by our expert fence fitters. These panels are nearly zero maintenance and will last up to 15 years. If this is what will suit your needs you can get them stained to your exact specifications.

Feather Edge

Added strength and durability make these an ideal selection for your garden or playground needs. Ideal if your family plays a lot of ball games. Long lasting fencing for your garden, your front yard or your back yard.

If you are seeking additional strength you can select the double-sided version. You’ll have more security and it will be beautiful to look at as well. We can also specially treat the timber for more durability.

Trellis Panels

Our Trellis garden fencing offer a beautiful open framework of intriguing pieces of wood, metal or bamboo. They serve effectively and are an ideal way to spruce up your garden. Trellis Panels are available in a variety of timbers, a variety of shapes and a variety of sizes. You can have them painted, stained or leave them in their natural state.

Trellis panels are an ideal attractive as well as a versatile way to add and define new dimension to your existing outdoor space and garden areas. Perfect for privacy in open areas with swimming pools and to screen off an unsightly view. These are much preferred over regular solid panels for aesthetic reasons.

Picket Fence

Picket fencing are often used to define boundaries of property or to help keep pets in. Picket fences are distinguished by equally spaced vertical units that attach to one another with a rail. Lower in height they will not block the surrounding view. For more information about fencing heights then see here.

PVC is becoming more and more popular for picket fences. It is widely available and already white so the need to white wash the fence is eliminated. Other than a boundary marker, it is ideal for decorative purposes as well.

Hit and Miss

This style of garden fence is called ‘Hit and Miss’ due to the fact that the boards are fixed alternatively on the front and back panels of the cross bars. Overlapping and creating a unique pattern it is called ‘hit and miss’ due to the style. Since both sides appear the same, there is no need to give the neighbors an unsightly view on their side of the fence.

Available with slotted jack posts, they will allow the wind through yet still provide privacy to the owners. Always consider timber that is planed all the way around for an improved looking appearance.

Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing will give an excellent security and durability and it is very reasonably priced. The panels are made via vertical feather edged boards. They are aligned vertically and fixed upon supportive wooden rails. The fence can be erected to follow the contour of the ground. Thus, it is very suited for garden areas that have uneven ground contours.

It is wise to treat the timber for rot and fit caps at the top for added longevity.

Fancy Panels

Fancy panels will stand out from the rest of the fencing. They can include any kind of fence that is altered to specifications. They may be more environmentally sustainable and use a variety of products. You’ll only want to buy these from a well managed forestry source.

Bespoke Fencing

Beautiful fencing available in solid panels are always hand crafted in bespoke sizes. Available in a variety of timbers, colors or stains and you can pick and choose the styles. You can create a beautiful trellis atop the fencing or you can leave it plain. Advantageous for the odd shaped garden as you can use the odd sized panels in this style.