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At Oakwood Landscapes we guarantee a prompt & friendly service. Using the contact form below, please send your query and we will endeavour to contact you back within 24 hours. Alternatively, if you need a more immediate or personal communication, please contact Frank on 01332 402450 for your landscaping in Derby.


Our most frequently asked questions

Depending on our current commitments, we will be able to discuss the time frame when we come and visit you along with the price.

Depends on the size of the job certainly for the larger jobs, however for the smaller ones you’ll be best off asking by giving us a call, we might even be able to recommend someone closer to you.

Don’t worry about this, we can come around and let you know what your options are from the budget to the more extravagant.

Yes certainly, we’ll always make sure not to damage anything whilst in your back garden. If we do we’ll make sure to put it right before we leave.

We value you as a customer, so we want to make sure to keep you happy – the majority of our work is through referrals. You’ve visited us today probably because we were recommended to you. Should you not be happy we would aim to put it right without hesitation.

Yes the majority of our customers do want us to source the materials with the advantage being we have trade accounts and we’ll be able to get a cheaper rate than what’s available to the public. You can of course source your own materials.