Places to visit in Southern Derby UK.

Places to visit in Southern Derby UK.

South derby shire is a district in England known for its forest cover, national monuments, cultural heritage, ancient waterways, and extensive woodlands. When you visit, you should make time to visit the following areas.

1 Repton.

This is the former capital of the kingdom of Mercia; I suppose that gives you goosebumps, I mean who would not love to visit a place which probably you see in the movies. Today the area is a beautiful fusion of a village and a school, and this place is also the monastery of the royal Mercia family. The church is such an admirable sight both from the inside and outside due to its Anglo-Saxon stonework.

2.Clarke Abbey

Owned by a once mighty family who had passion and love for art and beautiful collection, this might be the most bizarre country house you will ever set foot in, its surrounded by a woodland estimated to be over 1000 years old creating an atmosphere where if you love those long walks then this is definitely a place for you.

3. Shardlow Heritage centre.

This is one of the two inland canal ports left in England, and if you are a boat enthusiast, then this is a perfect place for you. There are also numerous pubs and restaurants . its location at the end of Mersey and Trent canal creates a perfect place for nature watching.

4 Sharpe’s Pottery Museum

Do you know about the fantastic story of pottery in southern Derby shire? Brick development, the development of the toilet and many more stories then this is the right place for you. The museum also plays a host to regular talks and exhibitions. It’s such an amazing place for you to learn.

5 Dove Dale.

Well known for its steppingstone it boasts of being among the most visited places in the peak district national park. The beautiful limestone valley creates this scenery, for you to enjoy the true satisfaction make sure you pay a visit during the day.

6 Bradford Dale.

Do you want a perfect photo? This is the perfect place for that. Well known for its blue waters abundant bird life and wildflowers this is the place that you get to appreciate nature’s real beauty. A perfect place for you and your love. The rivers are said to be elusive as they often meander and disappear underground.

7. Rosliston forestry centre.

If you love cycling then this might turn out to be your favourite place in the entire visit, specifically set aside to give people a chance to cycle whether for sports, leisure and even gain confidence to cycle on the roads, the scenery is beautiful and eye-catching, you can also team up with your friend to explore the forest. The place is also open for cycling to senior citizens on Fridays.

8. Swarkestone bridge

The bridge is estimated to be 800 years old and funny enough it still holds grade A certification and is considered as a national monument, it holds the record for the longest stone bridge in the country stretching for three quarters a mile.

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